Sofar Sounds: Los Angeles 26/04

Sofar Sounds Los Angeles! The capital city of the music industry brings the brightest new artists to Sofar Sounds in Downtown LA, this week with Ofelia K, Alina Bea, and We The Folk, in the ambient lighting of Announcement LA’s space.


Ofelia K started the night with some very sweet vocals – the set up being just her and a guitar and an accompaniment guitar, presenting us with a stripped back set in true Sofar style. My favourite song of hers had to be ‘I Love My Lawyer’ – as you can tell from the name, it was serious yet with a humorous twist, and I loved it!


Next was Alina Bea- nominee for Audience Choice Awards with Pulse TV- so it was an honour to be able to see her so upclose! Her performance style was the most interesting, giving us all a real performance. Her bodily movements really enhanced the feel of the music and what she was trying to convey! She had a band accompanying her too, and in her song ‘Live Undone,’ she was facing the band and it was like they were performing to eachother, which I really loved, as it made it feel like a real togetherness performance.


We The Folk (pictured above) finished the night. They were a six piece Mexican influenced folk band. How awesome. They had the accordion, violin, double bass (which was bigger than the player), cajon, guitar, and their lovely vocals. As the lead singer described it, the band were the ‘whisky on your horchata,’ or ‘LA folk,’ combining his influences from his Mexican and American to create We The Folk. They performed Spanish songs for us too, so it was a great sense of genuineness and my first taste into this sort of music! My favourite of theirs was ‘She Belongs,’ which even had some wind chimes to brighten it up!


Sofar Sounds LA impressed me way more than I imagined any Sofar could, but what can you expect from such a musically vibrant city!