REVIEW: The Joy Formidable | Austin, Texas

The Joy Formidable brought their beautiful Welsh accents to the self proclaimed Live Music Capital of the World in Austin, Texas, as part of their world tour. In one of Austin’s classic outdoor venue ‘Scoot Inn,’ in the Texan sun, this alternative-rock trio managed to create a huge sound with so few members, which is what impressed me the most about them.


Lead singer Rhiannon carries what is quite a soft voice, over those loud rock instruments so well, it’s quite surprising and impressive! They are overall a bit rough around the edges in their performance, but I feel this non-perfection side of them gives them the playful charm they have.


The band brought in down in the middle too, playing their ‘Wolf’s Law’ sounding almost acoustic, with a calm piano accompaniment. It’s such a different sound to the rest of their songs, it’s the moment of the night which really stuck in my mind, including a super-long instrumental part, which I only loved! I always feel that a musician proves how true musically they are if they manage to make moving, interesting music without even any vocals.


Of course, they also had their heavier parts, with some mad energy at the end of the night, the three of them thrashing around, audience head banging, and including the typical smashing of guitars at the end of the night, microphones tipping over, and all that.


Generally, I’m warming up to rock more and more, and this combination of softer voices in heavier instrumentation is something I find incredibly appealing – The Joy Formidable comparable to other rising bands such as previously featured Black Honey or Wolf Alice.