New Artist of the Week | Palace


Palace are our New Artist of The Week! Although not so new anymore, having already sold out Scala last year, they’re still steadily on the rise and definitely heading for the big time!


Their latest EP ‘Chase The Light,’ their first release with British label Fiction Records, carries a similar sort of ambient, rock indie sound like many bands do, however there’s a certain emotiveness in the vocals which make their songs stand out. The vocals blend in so much with the instrumentation it sounds like an instrument itself, and that to me is always the best kind of music from a band. Each part of the music and each instrument is essential to contributing to its overall sound.


‘Chase The Light’ is slightly less upbeat than their first EP, with Beatnik Creative, ‘Lost In The Night.’ Though continuing their laid-back chill out vibe here, ‘Chase The Light’ sounds quite dark, yet with a romantic touch. The song ‘Tomahawk’ sounds particularly psychedelic with the guitar riffs in the background, really making you pay attention to the music. Of course, the title track ‘Chase The Light’ is the most special song on this new EP, with both beautiful instrumentation and lyrics, proving what musical legends Palace are heading out to be!