New Artist of the Week | Demons of Ruby Mae


If you’re after some eerie, emotive rock music, Demons of Ruby Mae are the ones you’re after. They sing ballads, but in a rock style. Which is cool seeing as they’re only a duo – so much sound coming from just two people in a band always stuns me.


It’s sophisticated rock. There’s a heavy sound, with drums and guitars like usual, but you don’t find yourself head-banging, but rather really getting involved with the melodies and lyrics of the music. The vocals are what really launches this music forward, as they’re really crystal clear and powerful in conveying the lyrics. The genuineness of the music in their songs is particularly obvious when realising that these rock songs work in an acoustic setting too, a whole load of which they have online, but without sounding like ‘stripped back’ versions.


They have an element of electronic in them too, particularly some of their older sounds, but even they’re newer ones have an emphatic usage of a drum machine. When just a duo, that’s totally understandable! But it’s great they can use these electronic materials to create their music yet still sounding so live.


They just released a new EP 'That Feeling' a couple of weeks ago, so check it out!