The Nick Valentini Collective

If you’ve ever been to one of our gigs, you know we’re a massive fan of huge jazz bands… we’ve had 9-pieces, 7-pieces, and now we’ve discovered Los Angeles based 8-piece, the Nick Valentini Collective! They are your classic 8-piece jazz band but with a huge influence of indie rock fused in, making them all the more interesting to listen to.


Their debut single, just released last month, has already gone viral, and their debut album is coming out later on this year. The vocals in this single ‘Carousel’ were a pleasant surprise, and they really stand out for me. Singer Nick Valentini showcases his vocal range, really solidifying the combination of genres.


As well as the usual drums, keys, and guitar, the Collective also includes a string orchestration, saxophone, and flute. Yet they still manage to make it highly contemporary and more indie than classical, showing the musical genius behind these guys!


The Nick Valentini Collective, as well as the aforementioned debut album set to release this summer, are heading on a huge tour, so I highly recommend you check them out!