Sofar Sounds: New York City 12/04

Sofar Sounds- New York City style! Sofar NYC was my first Sofar ever last year so it was great to be back where it all began, being introduced to some of USA’s newest and finest acts, in a distillery where the backstage area was about 1000 barrels of whisky.


The night started with Los Angeles based group The Wild Reeds, who stopped over to play a Sofar whilst on tour, playing NYC’s Mercury Lounge tonight! The Wild Reeds are a trio who are amazingly interesting because their line-up includes a harmonium. This really set them apart and reminded everyone of how to make music with more than just guitars! They played songs all from their new EP and one from an older one. Songs slightly sombre but very musical all the same.


Max Garcia Conover followed them. This guy had the most beautiful stories behind his songs and for me that was actually my favourite part of his whole set. We really got to see into his life through his songs, hearing about his days as in church and breaking away from the homophobic discrimination the church had as a child in ‘Holy Rider’, to his days after college, writing a song about those people who just go and do whatever earns them the most money rather than what makes them happy (I mean, we all know someone like that!). The music was also stunning- the melodies he brought out with his guitar were so sweet and he was also simultaneously playing a kick drum behind him with his heel whilst singing and playing. I signed up to his weekly song list so I’m looking forward to hearing a new song and new story from this guy every week!


Eda Wolf finished off this New York City Sofar night. An electronic - vocal duo, ahead of their 1am show at Rockwood on Friday night, they showcased their new EP being released next month. These guys were cool because they’re the first artist I’ve ever come across to sell their EP on tapes! And they actually were selling A LOT. Eda Wolf consists of Dea Juris providing vocals, and Emiliano Flowerman doing the live production – sampling her vocals and creating music behind her. I felt like he was DJing there and then, using synths and drum machines and all the usual electronic stuff.  They usually perform with loads of lights and projections too, so if you want to see that then head down to Rockwood on Friday!


It’s great to see music across the Atlantic is so rich and so bright, and I can’t wait to explore Sofar Sounds in all the other cities I’m hitting – including Los Angeles!