EP REVIEW: Laura Jean Anderson, Righteous Girl

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Hailing from Los Angeles is singer-songwriter Laura Jean Anderson – blending rock with a touch of country-style, particularly in her ‘Feels Right’. I love this girl,


There’s such an emphatic use of electric guitars in all her tracks. Not to mention the voice itself which is so full and thick, there’s nothing you feel is missing when listening to Laura. ‘It Won’t Be Long, Righteous Girl’ is her favourite song of mine. It has the best melody and the band is really on point in this track.


Her EP ‘Righteous Girl’ was just released last month, and is really one to listen to. The title track to this EP has a more old-school rock element to it. I can’t help but think it reminds me of Pink Floyd slightly, that Dark Side To The Moon type of guitars and reverb effects used on her vocals, but also strong influences of old-school singers like Janis Joplin shine through, adding the blues element to this psychedelic influence. This combination of influences and genres show what an eclectic artist she is, yet she pulls of this mixture without confusing the listener, but rather creating her own distinct sound.


Laura’s strong lyrics and melodies combined are rightly so – her life experiences are full of inspiration, being an avid traveller, showing in the crafted storylines each song has.


The Los Angeles music scene is an exciting one, and we can’t wait to hit this beautiful city soon! Check back for more LA music soon. This week… NYC!