New Artist of the Week | Seafret

Meet our New Artist of the Week - duo Seafret! They make music which has a slight country twang to it, made of just guitar and vocals with a heavy emphasis on the lyrics.


Their song ‘Beauty on The Breeze’ has a slightly more upbeat feel to it, with the addition of some drums to the usual guitar and vocals. I love this as it’s rare for a band to be able to so beautifully pull off both acoustic ballads and more lively songs, keeping that pure melodic essence.


Their debut album ‘Tell Me It’s Real’ released just at the start of this year really has that seaside vibe to it. I’m not sure whether it’s a subconscious feeling due to their name, or whether the duo just very aptly named themselves. This is totally reflected in the final song of their debut album ‘To The Sea’ which features Irish 18 year old singer Rosie Carney, their voices complimenting each other and bringing this old-style seaside music back to the forefront.


They're currently on a UK tour, hitting London at The Garage 24th May - I highly recommend you go to this for some magic!