New Artist of the Week | Passport To Stockholm


Do you love strings in what is otherwise an indie-rock band? Because Passport To Stockholm’s cello infused rocky-folk music is really one of a kind.. Mostly due to the big mish-mash of genres their songs feature!


This is particularly in the case of their favourite song of mine ‘Let Me Know,’ which has a very classic, folky touch to it. The instrumentation is absolutely beautiful, showing the level of deepness and musical strength of the group. ‘Chemistry’ has a similar sort of vibe, and all of the songs having such poetic lyrics, it’s just one of the most genuine EPs I’ve heard in a while!


The title track of their latest EP ‘All At Once’ has primarily the cello leading its instrumentals, which for me, is the best part of the song. You can also hear in ‘Imperfections’ how vital the cello is to the tune. In case you haven’t guessed, I’m obsessed with string instruments. I just love hearing an indie-rock band which isn’t all about the guitars for once, because it shows their level of creativity and how far they can go with this different perspective on music they have brought forward!


They have their next London gig on April 15th at Bostom Music Rooms - go check them out for something completely different!