Sofar Sounds: London 29/03


Sofar Sounds came to Shacklewell this week, in Total Refreshment Studios, bringing live music in intimate spaces for audiences to enjoy new music. This night was particularly great for me personally as I had never seen any of these acts before – good to know a new round of artists have joined the Sofar wave!


Samuel Ford started this one off; a solo musician with his band behind him. With the exception of his opening song, which was upbeat as ever, he had a rather calm and ballad filled set, so it was really chill to listen to. He performed on both an acoustic and electric guitar, and his latest single ‘The Storm,’ as well as songs off his new EP being released in May. The drumming was my favourite on his final song ‘Forever’! The backstories behind his song ‘Amsterdam’ was rather interesting, writing it whilst in Amsterdam however not actually going out to see the city… b he turned out a great song with it so it’s ok.


 Jazz influenced singer Espa then continued the night. I am going to just repeat what she’s probably been told 10000 times in her life, that she reminded the whole crowd of Tori Kelly. Not only her blonde curly hair, but her voice and style of songs and singing was that sort of soft yet upbeat style. She performed songs ‘Pray For Me’ which was her first time performing it acoustically, and her first time ever performing her song ‘Now We Know.’ Then of course there is the classic ‘141’- the song describing the extents you to go when someone has blocked your number… we’ve all been there. She gave us all a treat with a cover of Craig David’s ‘Fill Me In’ too! A really enjoyable set, and her guitarist really completed rounded it off. Not only because Espa was teasing the poor guy throughout.. out of love of course.


Get Inuit finished this night…probably the most intriguing band I’ve seen yet. The title of their opener ‘Cutie Pie, I’m Bloated’ probably shows in itself how fun and crazy these guys were. Though they were talking almost as much as they were singing, tuning down and then tuning back up, even that was enjoyable and for me felt part of their set, as the personalities only enhance the rather interesting nature of the songs.


We’re happy because Sofar makes us happy, but sad because this is going to be the last Sofar London for a few months for us! But fear not, we will be catching Sofar in the USA, hitting Los Angeles, New York, New Orleans, Dallas, and more if we can! See you in Americas x