REVIEW: Ellie Goulding, Delirium Tour | PARIS

Ellie Goulding strikes AGAIN with another concert, where she doesn’t stop moving for two hours straight, this time for her latest and brightest album on her Delirium tour. She’s reaching the end of the tour now, having just completed a double sell out at London’s o2 Arena.


So, I actually saw this tour when in Paris. But the French audience love her just as much as the British, and it was kind of great to see her in a smaller venue than the monster that is the o2.


This was the first time I was seeing many of her songs live, such as ‘Aftertaste’ – the big opener of the tour, introducing the show with Ellie’s crazy dancing as energetic as we love it. This tour was quite different to all others I’ve seen of hers as she had some really slick dancers and graphics complimenting the whole thing. Though, this tour also did have the more emotional elements to it than usual, particularly in ‘Army,’ and her acoustic tracks with the guitarist she can’t help but call handsome on stage, Chris, and her wedding dress type outfit.


Of course, she performed her classics ‘Burn,’ and my personal favourite ‘Goodness Gracious,’ and the ridiculously amazing encore with the best ‘Anything Can Happen’ and ‘Love Me Like You Do’ – which ended with some good old confetti taking over Zenith! I can only imagine how vibrant and colourful that must have looked filling the o2.


At one point, Ellie also put the French flag around herself, though I’m sure that was special to the Paris performance. Either way, she’s always got that huge appreciate for the audience and chats to us all the night!


American artist Sara Hartman opened for Ellie in Paris – she came with the really cool, singer-songwriter with a rock edge vibe, really setting the tone for the night perfectly, for our electronic-pop Queen Ellie Goulding!


I love Ellie to bits, and each and every one of her numerous gigs I have attended has been a night to remember. Even though this Delirium Tour wasn’t filled with as much constant movement as an Ellie concert usually is, it was also touching to see the softer, vulnerable side of Ellie, which is what I feel the songs of Delirium are all about. She was rather emotional throughout the night, but she did not fail to impress even one second. #ELLIE4LYF