New Artist of the Week | Jack Watts


Our New Artist of The Week is Jack Watts! This young guy has a very raw sound in his music, and a heavy jazz influence which makes me melt. When I listen to his recordings, I definitely know it’s his voice as it truly is. The non-processed element to his music makes his music quite enchanting.


His voice has moments of husk, and moments of crystal clear brilliance. His newest song ‘Stray’ showcases this the most for me – you can see the changing emotions throughout.


His EP Red Shortbread has that really romantic, but dark romance, element to it. The title track has a particularly jazzy element to it. Jazz music has recently gone up significantly in my rankings, so this influence of jazz that Watts carries within his songs is great to hear. The piano in this song – even a piano solo featured nearer the end – shows how greatly musical Jack Watts is. If you want to hear some sophisticated poppy jazz, this is the guy for you!