DIY Magazine: The Magic Gang | Roundhouse Rising Festival 2016


DIY Magazine put together last night's Roundhouse Rising Festival, with GILLBANKS, INHEAVEN, and The Magic Gang; a night of the best new indie rock music right now! 


GILLBANKS is Roundhouse's homegrown talent, as he took part in the Rising Sounds project a few months before. He was surprisingly much more rockier than I expected! They had some crazy guitar riffs to finish off their set- always fun to watch. 


INHEAVEN then took to the stage, and started the moshpit that continued on for the rest of the night, miraculously. A moshpit in an intimate capacity venue is definitely proof of how insanely rock n roll these guys were! They're about to support Sundara Karma on tour so it was super special to see them perform at Roundhouse Rising, before they get too big for 200 capacity venues!


The Magic Gang then headlined the stage, to a crowd who were ultimately chanting "Magic Gang bang" and all the while continuing on the moshing, practically falling on to the stage by the end of it. The Magic Gang were a very young, yet very old school pop/rock sort of sound, attracting that young crowd that moshed the night through. The band was just super FUN - they're favourite song of mine being 'Alright'. The Friday night of Roundhouse Rising Festival finished with an encore, finishing on their song 'Shallow'. It's always amazing to see a new band get an encore, and see new audiences give newbies a chance! I loved these young guys, definitely ones to watch. 


Roundhouse Rising Festival continues tonight with Black Honey headlining with a sold out show, and Kuenta i Tambu finish off the festival tomorrow night with a colourful BANG! So come on down!