Rising Sounds Album Launch // Roundhouse Rising Festival 2016


ROUNDHOUSE RISING BEGINS! The fantastic Album Launch Party saw the biggest and best bands of ‘Rising Sounds’ – a project at The Roundhouse connecting 12 unsigned acts to 12 top-of-the-industry producers to produce tracks, subsequently making the Rising Sounds Album, linked below!


Tom Vevers opened the night. A Scotland folk, his bouncy chatty personality goes well with his incredible songs. He’s on stage with just a guitar and his voice, but really captures the whole room, with his occasionally somewhat depressing but really beautiful songs. His brilliant accent only enhances the songs, and ‘Without You’ being the great song recorded for the Rising Sounds album, with producer Kevin Paul.


Idiki continued the night – a solo artist with her band adding to the big sound that is indie-electronica. She really takes full advantage of what synths and other moder music technology is available to create this rich sound!


Phoebe Gold continued the night. Working with our favourite guy in music SPIDER J to produce her track ‘Mind Over Matter,’ Phoebe has a strong soul influence in her music. It’s nice to see an singer and full band bring it back down to how music originally began, with just live instruments and her organic voice creating the sound.


RIVE (above) – a power female duo – headlined the Rising Sounds Album Launch. I absolutely loved these girls, as not only did they have crystal clear voices and amazing tunes, but also their performance itself was really eye-catching. Ceri and Natasha make up the band, with their drummer James adding to the fun. The electro-indie duo have really fun, young, refreshing songs, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing these two play out the night. Their song ‘Eyes Closed,’ on which they worked with James Lewis, producer of Artic Monkeys, Cee Lo Green, and Rudimental, was particularly memorable, as it had those dark, deep lyrics focusing on addiction and other human issues which affect all of us, yet it was also a really fun track to hear.


This was only the beginning of the Roundhouse Rising Festival – for the rest of the weekend, the Roundhouse is taken over top to bottom with the festival, with performances from The Magic Gang, Black Honey, Afrikan Boy, and Kuenta i Tambu, as well as the Roundhouse’s own emerging talent taking over Torquil’s Bar on Saturday! Come join the fun! 


Check the Rising Sounds album here: