New Artist of the Week | Vaults

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 16.49.14.png

So I’m usually not one for electronic music, but Vaults make it attractive. I love how musical and natural the electronic side to their music sounds, severely contrasted with yet also pleasantly complimented with the lead singer’s ambient voice. Their song ‘Cry No More’ is particularly appealingly mysterious with the entrancing glockenspiel-y sound, or ‘Premonitions’ which has an interesting use of strings.


Vaults’ videos also show off their artistic nature and intense creativity. From blindfolds to tug of wars to scary costumes, these guys get more and more enigmatic with each song.


The fact that on top of all this they are only a trio – I’ve never seen a more artistically apt band, along with the great music, so check them out!