New Artist of the Week | Little Brother Eli

Our New Artist of The Week is… Little Brother Eli! I saw these guys do a little acoustic set in Cambridge last week and they completely blew me away!


Not only is the voice of lead singer Alex Grew absolutely astounding – how high he can sing and just the general sound – but also their performance style! Feet stamping and clapping away, and the best part is, is how natural it all feels when watching them.


It’s a really interesting combination of rock… but also jazzy. Grew’s voice and performance style is definitely that of a classic, jazzy/soul, deep sound, but the instrumentation and voicing and overall sound is so edgy – I LOVE IT! And when all of them sing harmonies together, it’s just a sound completely unheard before, and definitely not heard in any other band out there.


My favourite songs of theirs are ‘Who Do You’ and ‘Shake Me’ – the latter is particularly a special one. The melody is absolutely the catchiest, bounciest, and musically brilliant tune you would ever hear!


And this is all based on a little acoustic set up with just an acouistc guitar, bass, and vocals, where the drummer wasn’t even present… I can’t WAIT to see the full band at their EP launch in a couple of months! BE THERE – this music will refresh your soul!