Concentus Music Live: February Live


It was the six month anniversary since we started our live nights – and we hit The Barfly again, February 23rd 2016! With quite a wild and unexpected line up, we had Norwegian folk band I SEE RIVERS, harpist-singer Anna McLuckie, rock group FADES, and that 7-piece jazz band of Chloe Blackwell headlining!


I SEE RIVERS have the most beautiful music – everyone falls in love with them the second they hear them. Their songs, and of course, their personality shines through! Three girls from Norway who all met when they moved to Liverpool. Their harmonies are one of the best you’ll ever hear, and their instrumentation is also so unique. So they’re all multi-instrumentalists, and between them they have acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass, keys, glockenspiel, drums, and at one point Lill was even bowing her guitar like a violin. Beyond amazing!


Anna McLuckie then blew everyone away – being supposedly the first harpist The Barfly has had! Definitely the first we’ve had. What was great about her music is her playing and singing was very contemporary – complimented by the drums and bass that accompanied her. Have you ever seen a bass and a harp play together? Check out Anna McLuckie! She performed a bunch of new songs, and also some for the first time at this gig, so it was a special one for us to watch!


FADES then totally switched up the vibe of the night and brought us all some heavy rock – pretty much the first rock band we’ve ever showcased. Ahead of their EP Launch next month, these guys were your classic 5-piece rock band, showcasing quite a variety of styles and influences in one set!


Chloe Blackwell then of course headlined – this jazz singer-songwriter, often compared to Joss Stone throughout the night, was accompanied by her big band, making a total of a 7-piece jazz band. We can’t get enough of those! Her favourite songs of mine were ‘Let Me Love You Again’ and ‘My Love’ and ‘Good Intentions’ – even though I just listed half her set list. What’s great is that her sound fits into huge venue such as The Barfly as well as Ronnie Scott’s, so she’s quite contemporary yet keeping to the jazz routes!


These Concentus Music Live nights are always really inspirational watching the new music out there - the boldest and the best - and to see what these guys can do, so come down! Massive thanks to the artists and the audience for making these happen!


 Our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY gig is April 1st, Notting Hill Arts Club, where we bring back our favourite performers we’ve worked with the last year – Dom Robinson, Pocketclub, Kawala, and Goodbye Brighton!