New Artist of the Week | Hunter & The Bear


This week’s New Artist of The Week is Hunter & The Bear. This acoustic yet rocky band - or ‘melody driven rock’ as they very appropriately describe themselves.


What’s great about them is the diversity of songs. Some songs such as their latest video ‘Burn It Up’ is more the rock song, from their last EP ‘Wildfire,' but some such as ‘Pick Me Up’ (listen below) fall into more the classic folk genre that they largely follow. Their personal favourite of mine is ‘Forest On The Hill’ - a really lively, harmony filled song, and the best guitar part, and of course a little bit of banjo (I think?!)! It carries quite a classical folk sort of tune but also very modern.


All their songs are really lyrically advanced. I love these guys. They’re probably bored of being compared to Mumford & Sons.. there is of course similarity in the genre, but there is that dark edge to their songs making them stand out from every other folk quartet! They’re definitely one to take a listen to - HIGHLY RECOMMEND!