Sofar Sounds: London 18/02

Sofar Sounds… and this time in my own house! Goodbye Brighton, Malory Torr, and Brookfield all performed in this ‘intimate living room’ series to create this evening of live music.


Brookfield opened this Sofar, in usual Sofar style, stripped back with just his electric guitar and his voice, playing songs off of his upcoming EP! His voice was really strong, and he was also the person that introduced me to the legendary cajon back in 2014, so it was great to see him in action again, in his multi-instrumentalist ways.


Malory Torr, a Sofar favourite, came back to perform, introducing a whole bunch of new songs. Her performance of her latest song ’21 Years’ was lyrically one of my favourites, taking us through all the various stages of life, from paying rent to moving to Spain and more! Her usual ‘Joker And A Thief’ and the rest were still of course as classic as ever.


Goodbye Brighton closed the night – these guys were the only ones of the night who I hadn’t seen beforehand, but they impressed just as much! A bigger classic 4-piece indie band set-up, even in this acoustic vibe they had a really strong sound to them, and their lead singer Mia Linnett had an amazing voice! And even though they refused to disclose the reason behind their name, I loved Goodbye Brighton a lot – so much that they’re playing at the upcoming big ol’ One Year Anniversary Concentus Music gig!


I say this every time, but it’s still true, Sofar presents the best music, in the best community of people, to such an extent that 50 people were happy to be squished into my tiny living room to watch these guys, so check one out!


Check out the pictures, where you can appreciate the excessive flyering of our next gig, February 23rd at The Barfly, where we have recent Sofar alumni and favourites I See Rivers!