Communion Music: February London


Communion Music always brings a smile to my face, first Sunday of each month at Notting Hill Arts Club! 


This month's featured some pretty cool indie / soul music. I came in the midst of Tom Prior's set. This guy was really cool, playing his signature keys and singing as well as the rest of his band supporting of course! His music was really soulful but quite upbeat at the same time; definitely my favourite combination! 


Chartreuse (left) then continued the night. The really soft lead singer was a really nicely complimenting the band as she was really pleasant to listen to. They're a four piece indie - soul - funk band, bringing a range of style to their music. 


Christof (pictured above) then took to the stage, and he was definitely one of my favourites. He and the band had a really strong sense of musicality. I also love the folk vibe he brought with him. 


Haus then finished the night - these guys definitely surprised me! Incredibly upbeat for a Sunday night but we love that. They were very lively, and came on stage with a big bang! The rockiest act of the night with touches of hip hop influences creeping in, they were certainly different from anything I've seen before - very creative, and great performers! 


Goes to show how crazy and amazing Communion nights always are!! Love these guys!