New Artist of the Week | BERRIES


Guitar music is on the rise, and this alt-rock trio Berries is very aptly joining in with this movement, having just released their debut EP ‘Those Funny Things.’


So, I loved Berries the second I was sent their music. Rock isn’t a genre I am too familiar with, so when a rockier group manages to draw me in, I know they must be special. I would usually never make an emphasis on the fact they are a female line up, BUT I think often in rock, it stands out because the softer voices, in my opinion at least, create such a enchanting contrast to the guitar riffs and drum beats that surround it.


Title track ‘Those Funny Things’ shows this the most, with a really cool vocal melody and cool riffs. First song 'Siren' has to be my favourite off the EP, as it's is very much more in the rock realm and I love it! ‘Written In Paint’ is another one I like, because it has a touch of indie genre coming through, with softer guitars and the lyrics are really easy to listen to here.


They’re performing with Camden Rocks tomorrow at The Crowndale, so go check them out!  All around love for Berries!


Check out the debut EP NOW: