All The People, Ara Harmonic // 100 Billion Wires - New Record Label!


There’s a new independent record label coming up hard and fast, signing some of the best and funkiest new music coming out of UK’s emerging music scene right now!


I’ve attended each one of their showcases, following the label for about a year now, and the music improves more and more each time. The main focus right now is on electro-indie band All The People.


A trio with synths and drums and guitars and some edgy vocals, All The People have hit venues as small as The Lock Tavern to as big at the o2 Islington opening for Dub Pistols just last week, as well as a special show at Secret Garden Party.


The band never bore – they play music which is an interesting combo of electronic funk to hip hop ambience, and the fact it’s all coming from just three people is even more mesmerising.


Loop pedal artist Ara Harmonic is working closely with the team too, opening each show I’ve seen these guys do. A long time friend and one of my favourite musicians, she creates a huge sound on stage with no use of any instruments whatsoever, but just layering voice on voice. She also performed at o2 Islington last week, as well as a set at the one and only BESTIVAL last year on the... wait for it... Nando's Stage! 


We did a radio show with her earlier this year too if you may remember, a long with label co-founder Helen which you can listen to HERE.


It’s a really cool label, with really cool artists and a wonderful team behind them, would highly recommend hitting one of the 100 Billion Wires showcase nights, and big up producer Spider J who brings all these emerging talents together!