SOLD OUT Concentus Music Live at the Roundhouse!

Concentus Music Live came to our home, the place where we launched in March 2015, the Roundhouse!


If you’ve been following Concentus since our beginning, you know how in love with the Roundhouse we are, so to have our own show there was a great honour. Not to mention – WE SOLD OUT.


Sasha Brown opened the night. An artist who’s set consisted of a combination of acoustic and electronic performances, Sasha and her accompaniment Ira proved themselves a highly talented duo. Sasha also performed saxophone solos throughout, which was a pleasant surprise for most the audience – you don’t really get saxophone parts in electro-pop! She performed covers of ‘One Dance,’ and ‘Love Yourself’ infused in to a song, as well as originals - my personal favourite ‘Gold Lining,’ perfectly filing the gap between soul and pop.


August continued the night. A four piece indie band, for a band with only a couple of official releases, are brilliant performers. They opened with their biggest single Animal, and I heard some of my favourite songs of theirs for the first time, Midnight and Ghosts. Lead singer Steve Hughes’ voice is really unique and has a really different texture to that of most indie frontmen, making the band fairly unique in their sound, as well as the occasional synth brightening the sound up more!


Temple of Anyone continued the night. Mainly a duo, James and Michael, with a band behind them, TOA is one of the most interesting bands I’ve seen so far. This ‘cinematic post-rock’ group performed some of their best known songs ‘No-One,’ and their cover of The Weekend’s ‘In The Night’ in their mysteriously sinister sound, as well as new song ‘Something To Talk About’ released just the day before. My favourite was ‘The Note,’ not only the song itself but the sweet and sad story behind it, focusing on the mother-daughter relationship.



I See Rivers headlined the night. I’m sure somewhere or the other you would have come across these girls. A trio of three born and raised Norway but now Liverpool based, you fall in love with them the second they start singing. They performed a couple of their well known popular songs Loved Ones and Barefoot, but it was their new songs which got me most excited, especially as it was the first time I heard them! Play It Cool was great and definitely showed their Norwegian influences, as did DA RAM, the little extra vocal tricks they do adding a really cool affect. The highlight of the night was when I SEE RIVERS came down in to the audience and performed new song ‘I Think I Like You,’ standing on the floor with the audience surrounding them in a circle. This song was not only my favourite song, but just hearing them unplugged with just one guitar and three voices was really great, and everyone was so excited to be so close to them and their voices!


It’s no surprise we sold out, as each artist just gave the best performances I’ve ever seen any of them do. So shout out to I See Rivers, Temple of Anyone, August, and Sasha Brown, for making this a brilliant night! And of course, big thanks to the Roundhouse for putting this on in their venue, and for starting us off back in March 2015!


Our next live night is on January 18th at The Social, with NYC artist Kathryn Gallagher coming over to London for us, as well as One Eyed Jacks, Echoic, and a headline from funky band Young Monarch! Come join us for some more amazing live music!


Photos: Sid Brunskill


Photos © Copyright Concentus Music 2016