REVIEW: Twin Peaks | Leeds

Chicago meets Leeds!


There’s been a huge wave of US bands come to UK this month on tour, and I love this new perspective on music Britain are getting. A nice change from the usual rainy minor key music we tend to produce, rock ‘n’ roll comes hard and fast from Twin Peaks, in one of my favourite venues, Brudenell Social Club in Leeds.


They played a bunch of tracks from their latest album Down In Heaven, released earlier on this year, including their big singles ‘Walk To The One You Love,’ ‘Holding Roses,’ and ‘Butterfly,’ closing on biggest one ‘Have You Ever?’ as well as older tracks like ‘Stand In The Sand.’


American bands remind me that music can have uplifting melodies AND of high quality, so it was a nice refresher. The British audience responded really well to their music. I've never seen such a rowdy mosh pit in such a small venue (well, small for the scale of rock 'n' roll that Twin Peaks are!). It's really cool to be part of such an impassioned crowd - particularly when I myself wasn't too familiar with the band or even the genre after a certain point, yet enjoyed the vibe that Twin Peaks created regardless, making it an enjoyable night!