BASECAMP are probably the first time I’ve seen a Nashville band in London! Though Nashville born and raised, they were not your stereotypical Nashville country rock ‘n’ rollers, but actually an electronic trio, proving themselves influenced by music far beyond their hometown.


Bringing their electro-bluesy-soul to the classic venue Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, they had an audience mixed of loyal American fans and new British ones dancing the whole night.  


Three producers coming together to perform, the high musical knowledge BASECAMP must have had as a result was evident in the clever mixture of genres they brought out. I don’t so commonly see R&B with an electronic set up, so it was really cool to see this innovative style.


Apart from the music, the performers themselves were amazing! I found the drum and percussions pads particularly fascinating, some of the fastest movements I’ve seen on one of those!


The band had a huge call for an encore, performing ‘Shudder,’ which also happened to be my favourite song of the night.


Excited to see this new wave of music come across from USA to UK on tour – particularly what other hidden gems a place like Nashville may have!


Our Nashville radio show is soon to come, highlighting all the brilliant music we saw over there!!