REVIEW: Palace | Electric Brixton


Palace sell out Electric Brixton as part of their UK and Europe tour in support of new album So Long Forever!


I’ve seen Palace a multitude of times in just the last couple of weeks, and I’m still not bored. From an intimate acoustic performance to 50 people for specially selected fans at label Fiction Records’ offices, to a fair crowd at Rough Trade East’s Friday night showcase, to a 1,500 audience at Brixton. The best part is, this band fits each kind of setting and size, because their music will be brilliant no matter where they play.


Palace played songs from new album including ‘It’s Over,’ and royal ‘Bitter,’ which has one of the best build ups I’ve ever heard, and lyrics some of the cleverest, as well as tracks from first EP ‘Chase The Light.’ I couldn’t fit them into any genre other than rock, but really really chilled, laid back, relaxing rock.


Frontman Leo’s voice is beyond dreamy. It’s amazing on record, but in a whole new world live. It’s deep, it’s rich, it’s mysterious and dark, fitting in the ambient style Palace’s songs often are, but also uplifting and clear.


Palace is not only music, but art – the graphics on their albums are painted by front man Leo’s brother, and the projections at their gigs were just as beautifully creative, the colour and imagery really adding to the entire experience.


They took to John Peel’s stage at Glastonbury last year which was a huge achievement, and I can’t wait to hear them at Shepherd’s Bush in April! Buy your tickets HERE – trust me it’s worth it!!