New Artist of the Week | The Amazons

These rock ‘n’ rollers are set to be huge. They were just nominated at the all time classic Q Awards for best Breakthrough Artists, so it’s no secret they’re going to… well, break through very soon, if they haven’t already! Also, Britain hasn't produced some top notch rock n roll music in YEARS, so I'm excited to see ow these guys will change the musical landscape.


They shared their new single ‘Little Something’ with us just yesterday, with Annie Mac backing this band 100% sharing this tune with the world for the first time last night on Radio 1.


It’s dark, mysterious, and definitely British, in the sense it’s got that sinister, heavy guitar sound that this country loves. The opening riffs themselves just remind me of a scary movie, indicating trouble, only reminding me of a human vice. The artwork itself is exactly like this, of an eye peering, and the lyrics themselves convey this exact feeling. The song makes you rather anxious, making the listener full of discomfort, but then that is always a sign of a good band, who’s not afraid to speak exactly how they feel, but you’re supposed to think about something new.


Video for previous single ‘In My Mind’ is slightly heavier in the guitars, with a riff that sounds like it could be a classic throughout the song.


I saw them live at The Finsbury a few weeks ago, and there’s no better band to see on Halloween than these guys.


Their whole vibe is brave, wild, and uncomfortable, and that’s why they’re so interesting. Definitely going to hit the highs in 2017, with a tour in the works!


Listen to the guys here: