High and Lonesome Festival | Leeds

So I have a huge interest in watching American bands in the UK as they actually perform major key music, rather than rainy music that England produces ever too often. That’s why High & Lonesome Festival in Leeds was just that exciting for me, seeing music from deep south of USA come over here, held in my favourite Leeds venue the Brudenell Social Club.


Only in it’s third year, this year High and Lonesome for the first time is a weekend Festival that takes place all day and night for two days, showcasing songwriters and bands all across the globe.


There were tens and dozens of artists performing over the weekend, but my two favourites were Saturday night’s Steven Gunn and Michael Chapman.


Steve Gunn was a solo guitarist, and the focus was mainly his picking – his vocals barely featured in the set. Brooklyn based, it was great to see just how musical a musician can be – as obvious as it sounds, it’s quite rare to find a musician who knows their instrument inside out.


Michael Chapman also performed on the night, being one of the most popular acts. Chapman is a British soul who just released an album produced by the aforementioned Steve Gunn (I’m not surprised they’re a team, both such outstanding musicians! He’s been playing for 50 years now, so it was a great honour to see such an experience musician at this night.


You can’t doubt the quality of music High and Lonesome put forward this weekend. There were so many artists performing that it’s hard to pin point each one, but those two were definitely the most memorable, and had the whole audience stunned! For someone who’s used to young, emerging musicians, to be so drawn in to this, in itself should prove the level of music Leeds saw last weekend.