REVIEW: Phantogram | Heaven, London


Phantogram travel over from the USA for a sold out show at famous venue Heaven in London’s Soho!


Duo Sarah and Josh have been gigging for near ten years in the States, and have recently had a breakthrough in the UK. It’s rare to see such an experienced band in a venue of a couple of thousand capacity, making the night all the more better.


They’re an electronica duo but also have elements on heavy rock coming through, particularly in their latest single ‘You Don’t Get Me High Anymore,’ from new touring album ‘Three.’ This song has a chill, trippy vibe through most of it, where vocalist Sarah shows us a really high range of vocals not often showcased in their other hits, and suddenly drops to a really boomy, guitar heavy section, coming as a surprise but working so well with the whole meaning and inspiration of the song, perfectly reflecting how heartbreak feels – the primary emotion that Phantogram wanted to convey in this album.


It’s not often you hear pop music full of darkness, which is what makes Phantogram so much more interesting than the other bands and this on the commercial scene right now.


For a crowd full of Americans, naturally followers from their home, but also some native British fans, Phantogram also performed a lot of their older music for their hardcore long term fans as well as their new ‘Three’ hits.


Sarah’s sweet yet impactful voice is much more prominent live than it is on recording, and I love that about them, because it only proves true musical talent when that happens, because in my opinion music is meant to be consumed live first and foremost! But of course, their style being as wonderful as ever on stage as it is in their shoots and videos. Such a huge sound coming from just a duo is also highly impressive.


Phantogram’s sound is definitely a kind that you wouldn’t find in a Britain born band, so it was super exciting to see what’s going on in music on the other side of the world - especailly NYC and LA where Phantogram are from, my favourite places! - and to have such a huge British audience support it!