REVIEW: Blossoms + Declan McKenna | Leeds


Which pop band walked out on stage to Kanye West’s Black Skinhead and make it absolutely WORK?



And how many bands can pull that off? Not many..


They’re a pretty special band of four 19-22 year old boys – one of the youngest around – and I absolutely love them! Embarking on a huge worldwide tour in support of their debut self-titled album, for a band who’ve hit the mainstream just a few months ago, it was pretty amazing they had the room full of people knowing their tunes word for word.


My favourite was ‘Blow’ live, such a huge sound and the audience engaging with this song the most, chanting the chorus back throughout.


Heavy in a combo of synths and guitar, yet keeping an indie sound, they had a really youthful yet mature sound and stage presence. The audience engagement was one of the best I’ve seen in a while, changing words of their lyrics to fit the audience (Who’s been dumped recently? You – what’s your name? Natalie! *Sings a song with her name*) and even singing Happy Birthday to an audience member – making it such an enjoyable night.


Along with the amazing presence of the band, the production was also on point, lights co-ordinated with drum beats, smoke machines, graphics.. the whole lot - making it an all around amazing SHOW as well as the brilliant music that Blossoms create.


Declan McKenna opened the night, supporting Blossoms. Another band showcasing the youthful emerging talent that is as it’s best ever, I’ve been seeing McKenna almost everywhere I’ve gone recently, including a show for the NME Awards series at The Barfly just a few months prior. We were extra proud to see friend Gabi on the drums here, who performed at one of our live nights last year! (GO GABI)


Great night with great talent, it’s so refreshing to see energetic, youthful stars in the making!