REVIEW: Meadowlark + Dom Robinson | Leeds


Meadowlark perform at Headrow House, for my first gig in Leeds! This electronic indie duo fit right in to this rising genre of music, with strong vocals from Kate and great accompaniment from Daniel, the second half of the band.


With a very CHVRCHES sound, although slightly darker in sound, Kate’s voice was my favourite part of the whole thing. ‘Eyes Wide’ has to be my favourite song of theirs – and expectedly, also their most popular one.


The great thing about an electronic duo band is you get to see both play an array of instruments – and on stage multi-instrumentalists never get boring to watch! Daniel was playing synths, keys, drums of some sort, whilst Kate was playing keys whilst singing. Side by side on stage, it was great to see a the two members both being so vital to the sound of Meadowlark.


And how did I discover these guys? Long time friend and one of my favourite musicians Dom Robinson, who has performed at a couple of our nights, opened the night for them. Dom performed his classic favourites of mine, Casey, Hands, and some new ones too – this time without a band, just his voice and guitar!


Helloo Leeds music scene…