New Artist of the Week | Hush Moss

Hush Moss are a German techno band from Berlin, and they are just everything I could ever want to hear in music. They have a really bluesy base, with sensual vocals, in front of an incredibly jazzy yet pop band, and with saxophone riffs painting each song throughout, topped off with a touch of the new wave of electronic pop sound. They somehow make this unpredictable mix of influences work together to create their own special Hush Moss sound, where the only band I could even think to compare their sound to is Snarky Puppy.

Their album ‘It Takes A Lot,’ carries out this unique blend of sounds. The album is eight songs of edgy attractive saxophone riffs leading an array of interesting electronic sounds and FX-filled vocals. It’s what you’d expect to hear in the basement of a really cool edgy bar where everyone’s a bit stoned, the sound is so chilled. The vocals definitely aren’t the lead of these tracks, it’s more a blend with the instruments enhancing the overall sound, and this curious and new approach makes them really stand out for me.


Title track ‘It Takes A Lot’ is above and beyond the others. The melody is something you just want to jam along too, and here the vocals probably play their most prominent in this one out of all their songs, with a cool falsetto you can’t help but love.


I haven’t heard music which is just outright COOL in a really long time, and it’s so great to hear music from around Europe too, and that’s reason enough to give these guys a chance! Check out their title track ‘It Takes A Lot’ here: