REVIEW: Jeremy Loops | Leeds


Jeremy Loops is really cool.


Is his name Jeremy Loops because he uses a loop pedal or is it just a happy coincidence? I still don’t know. I could look it up, but I don't want to ruin the enigma that is Loops. Either way, he has one of the best uses of the loop pedal I’ve ever seen in artist have.


It’s not the typical looping of guitars, loops of voices to create harmonies. Of course there is an element of that, but he loops all sorts of instruments noises… harmonica, and saxophone harmonies being a huge part of his sound, and even looped the noise from a child’s toy in one song. Multi-instrumentalists are just my favourite people.


Saxophonist James was definitely one of the biggest hits of the night, both his personality on stage and his performance – all so pleasant and appealing!


Jeremy said his favourite song to perform was ‘Sinner,’  and it’s no doubt this was an audience favourite too, with nearly all the audience knowing the lyrics to this one. As Jeremy explained at the start of the night, he didn’t want to sing at us but with us – and I think he carried this out exactly as he wished to! The harmonica was as it’s best in this one too.  


There was even a huge freestyle portion of the night. I love these funk type bands just playing music how they feel on stage.


His composition showed us a huge range of talents and experiments, a long with his featured instruments, even vocally – his ‘anti love song’ Running Away saw a rap section in the song too, which was an interesting switch up in this otherwise folky / funk band. There was also a strong sense of Jeremy’s South African roots coming through here, interesting that this heightened the most when juxtaposed with the rap!


He encored, with ‘Only The Good Die Young’ – some of the best saxophone harmonies in the night! Jeremy’s vocals weren’t even the focus of this song, but mainly on the funky rhythms he and his band create. This song has apparently never even been recorded, but is a song they save purely for live sets – clear from the huge improvisation and funky element in the song, and also just emphasises how Jeremy Loops is a brilliant LIVE performer, as that’s where the magic comes out!


His recordings, though brilliant too, don’t even compare to how great he was live. Highly recommend seeing this guy next time he’s over!