REVIEW: BBC Introducing Presents | LEEDS


BBC Introducing is a nationwide supporter of emerging talent across the UK, and we got to see a showcase of the most up and coming talent in Leeds, at the classic Brudenell Social Club!


LAMIA opened the night, who is al electro-pop solo artist with a one-man band behind her, with really ambient sound all around and soft soulful vocals.


Team Picture took to the stage next. These guys were an incredibly interesting band. Mainly instrumental, with vocals being just another form of instrumentation rather than providing actual lyrics or being the lead of the band, I’ve never really seen an instrumental band like this who fit in to the commercial music scene, so congrats to them for bringing this incredibly tough form of performance to a BBC Introducing crowd! They’re almost psychedelic in their sound, everything really spacey and mysterious.


DULAHLI took to the stage next. Another electronic pop musician, solo on stage creating all the sound with his synth pads, his vocal (completely opposite to Team Picture), was the main focus of the set.


Caro were next up – an indie band yet a much more chilled out vibe sound. Born and bred Leeds, these guys seem to be more than about just the music, but art as a whole. Their sound is so innovative, I can’t put my finger on it, because whilst they have the typical indie line up of guitars, bass, drums and vocals, the way they play this makes them stand out. Between the drum fills and the uncomfortable (in a positive way) rhythms, they really were interesting to watch!


Clay headlined the night.  Fifth band on, it would be pretty hard to get an audience who’s been there the whole night up and excited, however they managed it all too well. A definitive maturity in their sound, more so than other bands on the night, it’s clear these guys know what they’re doing. Between the top quality songs and brilliant engaging stage presence, Clay were ace.


Fitting again in to this new electronic-indie upsurge of music in the emerging artist scene,  I was really impressed with an ‘Introducing’ band being of such high standard. Their favourite song of mine was ‘Sun Dance,’ it’s chilled out vibe fitting aptly with it’s title!


BBC Introducing never disappoints. Not only was this an intro to these artists, but one of my first gigs in the Leeds music scene, and I can’t wait to see the music the rest of this city has to offer!