Chance The Rapper | Apple Music Festival 2016


Chance the Rapper closes this year’s Apple Music Festival with his spoken word-esque hip hop beats. I don’t think I’ve ever featured a rapper on this blog before, but that’s why I love the Apple Music Festival, opening my ears to a whole range of music I wouldn’t have heard otherwise, from pop to jazz to hip hop.
Chance performed a bunch of songs fulfilling his title ‘the Rapper,’ including ‘Blessings,’ ‘Summer Friends,’ and ‘How Great.’ Blessings was my favourite, as it felt more lie a spoken word piece, with just his poetic lyrics with an ambient choir voices behind. I never really vibed with rap music in the past, but after watching Chance I realised how close this style of performance is to spoken word- an art form I really love, and found a new appreciation for rap.
He performed a couple of his songs which were originally collaborations with some of the biggest names in hip hop, including his song with Kanye ‘All We Got,’ and ‘No Problem,’ with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz.

His performance of his song entitled ‘Favourite Song,’ was one of my musical highlights of the night, as it featured a really cool beat and had the best audience reaction with the most connection, as well as his song ‘Sunday Candy,’ which even featured a really prominent trumpet part.


Chance also ‘took us to Church,’ particularly in his songs ‘The Way,’ and ‘Church,’ where the Roundhouse turned in to this bright ambient room with that stained glass churchy vibe, and Chance expressed how he felt was talking to God in public.
Closing on his song ‘Chain Smoker,’ I was really taken aback by this entire performance and pleasantly surprised, as he showed his talents in everything from rap and beats to spoken word, and his personality and musicality simultaneously really shone through, as well as the meanings behind all his songs which only enhances the music for me.
The Apple Music Festival has come to a sad close, but we can’t wait for 2017 where we will be blessed with ten more nights of incredible new music from the world’s best artists!
Full coverage of the Apple Music Festival to come on Concentus Music, as we prepare for our very own Concentus Music Live at The Roundhouse this December!
Photos: Copyright Apple