REVIEW: Kuenta i Tambu


If you’re looking for something NEW to fill your playlist, check these guys out- the only ones who can combine traditional Afro-Carribean music with European dance hip-hop element. When I saw these guys perform last month in London, they had the whole audience dancing the whole time on a Monday night. A ridiculously colourful burst of energy and music filled the stage and venue. I wasn’t even drunk and I was dancing – score for Kuenta!

This had a very strong element of hip-hop, particularly with it’s strong bass line and sample based structure, however is very musical and original all the same, which is what astonishes me about this band!


Not only is their music one to note, but you need to see Kuenta I Tambu live to really get the full perspective on their music. You need to see the energetic dancing, the vibrant colours, and eclectic combination of instruments and music to realise the uniqueness in these guys’ music and also performance. Large chunks of the gig were just… dancing!  The style was also on point, and dance floor sweaty as ever!