New Artist of the Week | Black Honey


Black Honey are the UK’s most steady growing new band at the moment. They’re the kind that once you hear their name once, you’ll start hearing their name EVERYWHERE.


Female vocals is something not often found in the classic four-piece indie band, so this hidden gem of a band particularly stand out for that reason, with singer Izzy Baxter’s voice being very ambient and distance yet also very bold at the same time.


The production on their songs also is an important factor to the music – this is a huge factor in the mysterious sound they bring across.  Madonna is their favourite of mine at the moment – I can just imagine this one live on stage and the band having the time of their life with this one, with its unexpected sudden escalation in the chorus – you don’t really know what’s coming next in this song!


Black Honey are commencing on a UK tour this year, so check ‘em out! I’d love to see these guys live!