NEWTON FAULKNER SPECIAL | Sofar Sounds: London 11/01


At this much anticipated Sofar Sounds residency, in a crazy crazy Shoreditch flat covered in the most entrancing artwork you’ll ever see, NEWTON FAULKNER headlined this wonderful night of music.


But first, we had the beautiful ‘I See Rivers’ return to Sofar from the last gig I was at last weekend. This Norwegian trio, based in Liverpool, performed their latest single ‘Loved Ones’ which is a sweet, folk song, as well as some more upbeat and unique sounding ones like ‘Da Ram.’


Airborne Mark continued the night – now he’s a special one! Performing some craaazy raps, using beats on tape as his accompaniment – something I’ve never seen in a Sofar before – he had some interesting approaches to performance! As Ed, the great MC of the night, said: “Where else will you find Norwegian folk followed by Polish rap?” – Sofar Sounds that is!


And what follows this exotic evening of completely contrasting styles of music? The legendary Newton Faulkner – yeah, THAT ONE – ended this magical night with his amazing music, bringing his band which consisted of one guy playing some really cool out-of-the-box instruments, including the Mariachi Bass (though rather than using it as a bass, more a drum), Zimbabwe Shona Tribes leg shakers, and even had an egg shaker in his sock! Faulkner’s brother was on the other side, adding the final touch to the music with instruments ranging from the glockenspiel to tapping his rings together – such a creative band!


And of course the legend Newton Faulkner himself. Aside from the fact it was his BIRTHDAY and he got a very special Birthday song from the whole Sofar audience, he performed acoustic versions of his songs ‘Up Up And Away’ (my favourite!), the title track of his new EP ‘Human Love’ just released last November, and more.


This gig was also the first time he had ever performed his song ‘Passing Planes’ – a special moment for all of us!


Faulkner then ended his set with an encore – pretty sure that being Sofar’s one and only encore – with a tribute to the late David Bowie, performing ‘Dream Catch Me,’ with much emotion and beauty in his voice and the songs.


It’s so amazing to be part of such a special organisation that is Sofar Sounds – come and join the movement!