Sofar Sounds: London 10/01


Sofar Sounds is all a bit different when you're the one MCing it.. You get to really know and talk to the artists! 


Yesterday's one was the first one I had seen in 2016, in the cutest space there's been yet, in save the children charity shop - completely unplugged too! 


One of my favourites, Nia, opened the night. Her blues vibes were as strong as ever, accompanied by her very talented harmonica player Joe Strouzer, performing her politically charged songs 'Blue Gray Eyes,' 'Who I'm Worshipping To,' 'Big Brother,' and many more of my favourites of hers, as well as a cover of Clapton's 'Goodnight Irene' which led to a very chill Sunday evening sing along from the audience. 


Jake Morley then continued the night, manipulating the guitar in ways no one had ever seen before. His song 'Pondering Over A Scenario In Which I Am The Hero' was sooo beautiful- not only for the lyrics and the tune, but the way he was playing the guitar. It almost looked like he was playing the keys, having the guitar flat on his lap and hitting and plucking the strings in such a beautiful way. Completely contrasting to this of course was his opening "rant" song which was quite refreshing to hear, as he described it as a rant he had the other day which he turned into a song, the completed raw version of it! 


Ending the night was Norwegian trio 'I See Rivers' - a really sweet yet strong group of girls who had most enchanting vocals, performing their latest single 'Loved Ones' and many more songs, providing us with some beautiful harmonies! 


If I haven't said it enough before, Sofar Sounds is the best and most genuine way to discover new music, worldwide! Head down to one!