Concentus Music @ The Barfly - January Live

Concentus Music Live started 2016 with our biggest gig yet, packing out Camden's Barfly, with our most favourite line up so far! 


Lester Clayton opened the night with reggae vibes, a percussive set of songs, including a violin- one of my favourite things about the band! Alex Gibson continued, having just moved to London from Australia a few months ago - a recommendation from with one of Concentus' favourites Nick Kingswell! He brought the acoustic angle of the night, carrying the stage with just a guitar and his deep voice. 


Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 01.17.34.png

Lonely Painter then KILLED it!! This nine-piece jazz band were everybody's favourite of the night, performing their songs 'Power' 'Head In The Sand' 'M3 Cruise' and more. Their line up includes striking lead singer Yaz  Murray, and singer and multi instrumentalist Laurie Debnam who are the two who carry the band, surrounded by their band of saxophones, guitars, keys, and being the only band of the night playing with a drum kit! Band member George Petrie also showcased a couple of his songs, which were just as big and brilliant. I LOVE these guys - I saw them for the first time last August and have been dying to get them on ever since to a Concentus Live night, and so glad we finally did! 



Kawala then took everyone by storm, headlining this wonderful night. These guys have a special sound as although they have an acoustic line up, with cajon and acoustic guitars, they have a very big, full sound. With some strong folk influences coming through, they sang their songs 'Mighty River' 'I'm Ready,' 'Funky,' and more! Not only is their music top notch, but their stage presence is one of a kind, bringing a humorous edge to their performance. It's great how their personalities really shine through, as it involves the audience a great deal! 


This night was by far the best Concentus Live night we've had, and I can't forget to thank the wonderful audience that ram packed the place. Go to the gallery to check out photos of the night, and videos of performances are coming soon!