Florence and The Machine: Apple Music Festival


Florence and The Machine bring the Apple Music Festival to a close at Camden's Roundhouse! Florence Welch lead the crowd through by far the most energetic and exciting night of the festival, reminding everyone what a concert is all about- loving your audience and everyone singing together!


Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 21.58.46.png

Florence performed in her typical shoeless manner, running from one side of the stage to the other, with the occasional series of pirouettes, and came into the audience a number of times, having personal conversations with some members, and even singing happy birthday to her father in the audience,  really taking advantage of the brilliant size of the Roundhouse which enables the performer to really see all their audience. 


Florence performed her latest single 'Ship To Wreck,' as well as classic hits 'Dog Days Are Over' and 'Shake It Out' - the latter Florence using the audience as her choir. During her song 'Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)' she brought such energy to the room, urging the audience to really "get high" and raise eachother on their backs and jump A LOT. 


Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 21.58.51.png

Florence also had the most amazing instrumentation, with brass and horns everywhere and her song 'Cosmic Love' performed primarily with just a harp. 


Florence closed the show with songs 'What Kind Of Man' - in which she appeared on stage as an angel with her wonderful clothes and lighting, which had some crazy electric guitar in it, and closed on her beat heavy song 'Drumming Song,' dancing on stage like no one has danced before! 

James Bay was due to open the show, however due to illness couldn't make it. But it's all good, as Florence And The Machine closed the Apple Music Festival in the best way possible- Florence Welch the legend!