Disclosure: Apple Music Festival


Despite my recent distaste for electronic music, I actually LOVED Disclosure’s gig at The Apple Music Festival, and I have been converted. They really combined the electronic with the live music in such a way that it was ridiculously exciting, brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence playing the bass and electric guitar live, as well as many of the vocals themselves.


Opening with hit ‘White Noise,’ Disclosure  really brought a grand show to The Roundhouse. I loved how the duo sang live with their music, as that’s something most live DJ sets don’t have- particularly not from the DJs themselves- my favourite one being from brother Howard in ‘F For You.’ The duo also debuted many songs from their new album- released the day of the gig itself, such as ‘Echoes.’ Howard also played the bass throughout the gig in the majority of the songs, which added the ideal live touch to it. The brothers joined together at the end of their collaboration with The Weeknd in ‘Nocturnal,’ Guy playing the electric guitar and Howard the bass, face to face, with a really strong chemistry on stage- one of the best things about sibling bands.


Although, unfortunately, The Weeknd did not make a live appearance, (having just performed at Apple Music a couple of days before!), Kwabs appeared on stage to sing his collaboration with the electronic duo ‘Willing & Able’- his soulful, deep voice really creating an interest contrast with the electronic music behind it, but it worked well. Brendan Reilly came out to open the encore with his collaboration ‘Moving Mountains’- another really deep, soulful voice which really complimented the whole night, showing how Disclosure have some genuine music in all their electronic madness. NAO and Lion Babe also came out to perform with the electronic duo on ‘Superego’ and ‘Hourglass.’ Both singers also opened the night with their music, adding to the soul and electronic combination.


The duo closed on their most well-known and first big hit from 2013 ‘Latch,’ by which time the crowd was dancing so hard it was kind of amazing to watch. The lights were going wild, and overall, I was ridiculously impressed with what Disclosure brought out, and I have regained some faith in the electronic music sector, as they proved that there is some musical merit in electronic music.


So that’s the electronic section of the Apple Music Festival over, after The Chemical Brothers’ performance yesterday. Still to come this weekend is Pharrell Williams, Mumford and Sons, and Florence and The Machine to close the festial on Monday- so check back every day for a review of The Apple Music Festival at London’s Roundhouse!