The Chemical Brothers: Apple Music Festival


The Chemical Brothers came to The Apple Music Festival last night with a two hour live DJ set, performing all their biggest hits, along with some pretty disturbing graphics. 


DJ music doesn't do much for me- as a live music gig it doesn't make much sense, as it's really just recorded music being played out of a PA system, with some frequency changes, rather than the music created live on stage. But despite that, the music in itself was enjoyable. Certainly different to all the other Apple Music gigs…


Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 20.36.43.png

The electronic duo opened the show with a ten minute ambient and rather creepy song, off stage, and blue lights filling the venue. The graphics were rather impressive. From dancing green men, a roller skater, and digital ostriches walking across, to some really disturbing clown faces and other supposedly human faces, to the Devil’s face and even some stained glasses windows.


As disturbing as parts of the gig seemed to be, something about the whole thing did really intrigue me. The graphics were really cleverly put together with the music, so whilst I've always struggled to connect with the electronic music, I do acknowledge the brilliance of The Chemical Brothers in their field of music.



The duo's two hour set- the longest of any Apple Music gig so far- ended with a really calm and surprisingly peaceful chorus choir sound. The duo shared a hearty hug at the end, evidently pleased and relieved at the success of the night, with a dedication to Stuart "Jammer" James- the duo's tour manager, who recently passed away. 


Rising DJ Hudson Mohawke opened the night, with a much calmer (and less graphically weird) live DJ set, and really had the crowd going for Apple Music's live DJ night. 


Tonight, the electronic music continues with Disclosure, and then we're back to live music with Pharrell, Mumford and Sons, and Florence and the Machine to finish off the festival on Monday! Check back every day until then for a review of the Apple Music Festival at London’s Roundhouse!