Carrie Underwood: Apple Music Festival


Carrie Underwood brought her American country music to the Roundhouse, switching up the genre to the Apple Music Festival, and in fact being the festival’s first ever performer representing country music. Her country music however has that commercial, rocky edge to it; the electric guitars just as important as the two violins running around on stage. 


Though a high standard of music in itself, her songs weren't too relatable to a UK audience however- many of them had a Christian topic, such as ‘Jesus Take The Wheel,’ or were focused on America. Though this is the genuine nature of a lot of classic country music, the London Roundhouse audience were not fully expecting it! 


Carrie closed the show with her hits ‘Something In The Water' and 'Before He Cheats' - the audience singing the last one fully along with her! Her most famous song ‘Ever Ever After’ however was gone amiss- this one would have really been a treat, since a huge portion of the audience were familiar with the song.


Her introducing acts- Cam and The Shires- also representing the country genre- really rounded up the feel of the night. They were all very musical, and very emotional, honest songs!


Carrie’s style was on point, wearing a black leather body suit, making her otherwise sweet songs give her that hard edge that her songs really do actually have, and the production giving the whole concert a bigger, stunning feel to it- by far the brightest lights out of any of the festival performances so far!


Though Carrie was a surprise at the Apple Music Festival, as she is not the particularly commercial genre that apple music usually hosts, she still was able to deliver an enjoyable and energetic performance, exciting an audience who was not familiar with her to a great extent- which is a challenge in itself, and one which she conquered quite well! 


So far, Ellie Goulding and Take That have performed at the festival. Still to headline in the next week is One Direction, The Weeknd, The Chemical Brothers, Disclosure, Pharrell Williams, Mumford and Sons, and Florence and The Machine. So check back here every day for a review of these legendary performers at the Apple Music Festival!