Take That: Apple Music Festival

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Has anyone else lost track of the Take That line up yet? ME TOO! But that's ok! Because the remainder of Take That continued the legendary Apple Music Festival at London's Roundhouse tonight in it’s second night, in style. Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, and Howard Donald threw a party for the Roundhouse audience, with their Alice In Wonderland like tea party style set, and performances of a collection of their most classic songs- the combination of which made for such an electric night in such an intimate venue as the 2000 capacity Roundhouse. 


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The band played hits all the way back from their beginnings in 1994. The band were doubtful anyone in the audience would remember the 90s, and although this was before my existence, there were certainly many in the audience who did! They nostalgically performed their first ever number 1 single "Pray," and had the crowd nostalgically singing with them. They also sang 'Shine,' 'Greatest Day' and 'Hold Up A Light' - in which mark even came down to the audience and sang with us. Take That also sang ‘Patience’- Barlow introducing it as “the song that brought us back together after all those years,” ‘Patience’ being their 2013 comeback song.


The band also performed their disco classic Relight My Fire - and don't you worry, there were definitely 3 middle aged men on stage dancing cheesy choreographed, synchronised disco moves whilst singing it. And disco balls. And sequins. Everywhere. But their 90s cheese is what makes them 'Take That' after all, and the quality of their songs not compromised one bit. 


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The band delivered on an epic performance of 'Rule The World', and the whole Roundhouse making “stars” with their iPhone torches- it is Apple Music after all… They then ended on a stunning, massive, happy party with their biggest hit ‘Never Forget’- their classic choir boy yet somehow also a party song- audience participation a must in this one, which although was slightly lacking, still brought their set to an end with a bang. There was confetti, there were balloons, there were people walking on the ceiling throwing the balloons down, and it was all one big colourful blowout.


Charlie Puth opened the show, bringing his California vibes and cool piano playing over to London, performing his classic "See You Again" and "Marvin Gaye" - where he skilfully replaced Meghan Trainor’s part by beatboxing, surprisingly well. He even gave us all a jazzed up Calvin Harris cover to top it all off. 


So that's 2/10 of Apple Music Festival over- plenty more to come! Check back every day for a review of the Apple Music Festival!