Ellie Goulding: Apple Music Festival


Ellie Goulding opened the Apple Music Festival tonight, September 19th, with a bright bang. Between her pumping electronic pop tunes and the strobe lights, the Roundhouse was really having a party with Ellie.


Ellie's ridiculously high energy was really astonishing and amazing to be a part of, every single audience member under her spell, jumping with her and raising their hands to say they were "with her." Ellie performed some of her classic big hits like ‘I Need Your Love’, and ‘Goodness Gracious’, as well as songs even from her first album such as ‘Starry Eyes’. It was amazing and quite rare for an artist have an audience who is to in touch with old material as well as material released, well… that very day.


Ellie, with her pianist of six years Chris, performed her famous cover of Elton John’s ‘Your Song’ for us- specially for her London crowd, which made us feel cool, as its a rare one for her to perform these days. Her performance of ‘Burn’ was so different to the chart version; a crazy guitar riff featured quite prominently, being played by Ellie herself, including her guitar solo at the end. Ellie also featured her classic floor toms and drum machine in her songs, particularly in 'Anything Can Happen.' Her song ‘Joy’ was just breathtaking because of the huge choir and almost orchestral feel to it, and performed with such emotion.


After Ellie did the classic walk-off-stage-pretending-you're-finished-even-though-everyone-knows-an-encore-is-coming-and-walk-back-on-stage-two-seconds-later thing, Ellie ended with her biggest love song 'Love Me Like You Do', and had the audience singing the song even after her exit.  Ellie before this however performed for the first time ever her new song ‘On My Mind’- a special treat for the Roundhouse! The song was in the style of Ellie's classic electronic pop genre- not only super energetic and musical but also the strobe lights were ace- and that was a genuine contribution to the stunning nature of Ellie’s show.


The production of the whole show was really something spectacular, from the lights to the backdrop images to the backing singers dancing their lives away, and the band being so on point, to Ellie's performance of course being the thing that really brought the Roundhouse down. Each element of the show was super tight and made the concert better and better. If you’ve ever seen Ellie live, you would know that she of course doesn’t stay still for a second of the show! And neither does her audience.


Andra Day opened the show, introducing herself and her soulful voice to a new audience in London. She had such musicality and heartbreak in her songs it was really inspiring to watch. 


Ellie Goulding opened the newly branded Apple Music Festival in style, leaving such an intense impact on the audience and such a buzzing feeling. And now I’m just listening to all her songs from the beginning of her career to now. That's when you know someone is a great artist- you get obsessed with them after seeing them live!


Let's see what the rest of the festival brings! Check here everyday for the next ten days for a review of the Apple Music Festival at the one and only, my second home, Roundhouse!! Party on Apple.