Nando's - Roundhouse Music Exchange Project


Nando’s and Roundhouse have joined forces to create a unique two year partnership ‘The Music Exchange Project’, launching the venture here at the Roundhouse on the 9th September- which even included the unveiling of the new Nando’s themed recording suite in the Roundhouse Studios. The day saw Nando’s connecting top-selling UK musician and producer Example, and South African emerging producer Muzi, to twenty of the Roundhouse’s 18-25 year old emerging producers and songwriters, by bringing these artists to the Roundhouse, to make music with the emerging talent and provide support and advice throughout the day.


The day started with an introduction to Example and Muzi, both producers talking to the emerging artists about their experiences in the industry and advice for emerging artists, followed by a short question and answer. The Roundhouse producers then spent the whole day making tracks start to finish in appointed groups, from five samples that Example and Muzi provided from their own music, as well as our own songwriting, which led to very unique tracks, due to the fusion of UK Hip-hop samples and South African samples.


The really special part of the whole project was the genuineness that Example and Muzi brought in their contribution to the project, taking a deep interest in the Roundhouse emerging talent’s work, and providing support. Stormzy and Reeps One also joined the project after their lunchtime (free Nando’s) performance, who then also spent the afternoon with the producers.


The end of the day saw all twenty producers come together and listen to each track, with Example and Muzi giving feedback. Each track turned out more unique than the other, from live performances to risqué lyrics, to instruments as unique as the “guqin” being used in one track. The playbacks really proved the strong impact Roundhouse and Nando’s have been able to make on the musicians in The Music Exchange Project, encouraging collaboration with other emerging talent; This positive impact being only enhanced by Example and Muzi being pleasantly surprised and vastly impressed with the talent they witnessed on the day.


We were all driven over to the “secret location” after party- (secret location being Nando’s of course)- where DJ Yoda played the tracks produced by the emerging producers on the day, and the Roundhouse and Nando’s celebrating the start of this two year partnership, moving forward the career paths of their emerging producers!