Sofar Sounds: London 05/08


A photography studio was converted into a live music venue for London’s Sofar Sounds series, a series of secret gigs where a few are selected from a pool to listen to a secret-line up at a secret location. Yesterday’s London Sofar at Peckham saw soul singer Alexandra Baker, guitarist and vocalist Dom Robinson, and the acclaimed singer Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, taking to the stage.


Annastasia Baker opened the night, with her soulful, gospel style of music leading the audience through an energetic yet highly musical set. Her raw vocals were highly revealing of her pure talent, performing a natural and engaging set for the audience, ahead of her headline London show coming in November.

Dom Robinson followed, his sweet guitar melodies and soft vocals led to a crowd hypnotised by the tracks he performed from his latest EP, his leading song and EP-title ‘Elska’ being a particularly enchanting piece. Robinson played his guitar in a very original way, using it as an instrument in various forms. As it is in his folksy yet highly contemporary EP afterwards, his style is consistently so unique with its amalgamation of these styles, though his live set had a special raw feeling to it due to the acoustic, one instrument-one voice nature of the set.


Headliner of the night Rag ‘n’ Bone man brought a truly musical performance, with just a piano behind his soulful vocals. It was a real shock to see him here after seeing him perform at Koko back in 2013, and great to see his vocals are just as smooth and special, and his words having such important stories to tell- evident by the standing ovation he received at the end of his set.


Sofar Sounds has a very unique vibe to its gigs, with the community feel providing a supportive atmosphere for all the artists, each and every style of music celebrated. Sofar Sounds do multiple gigs each month across 150 cities, and I highly recommend applying for tickets. I have now attended Sofars in both New York City and London, and the quality of music and pleasantness of the atmosphere still continues to shine.