Concentus Music: LIVE LAUNCH!

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I’m aware of the fact I’m reviewing my own gig here, but I like to look at it as reviewing the artists who performed, rather than reviewing the label as such….


The Islington had an amazing vibe last night with musicians coming together to celebrate the launch of Concentus Music’s record label and other related stuff (live sessions, blogs).  To begin the night, new to the live music scene Sophie Lonsdale-Ross performed for only her third time ever, first time being at the Roundhouse and the second time just last week with Capital 1XTRA’s music potential programme…. Not a shabby start! Sophie performed her most well-known song “Walking Through Walls,” which is a classy song with blues style vocals fused with an electronic instrumental. Sophie also performed her newest written song ‘Inner City Child’ with electric guitarist Rafael, the combination of electric and Sophie’s smooth vocals creating a really ambient combination.


Sophie wasn’t the only one trying some new things out- Laura Lamn, Concentus Music’s first signing, played the guitar live on stage for the first time last night too, rocking out ‘Boys, Boys, Boys’, Jay-Z inspired. After a total rebrand of previously being known as ‘Ophelia,’ due to a desire to be known by her real name, Laura performed for the first time as Laura Lamn since her return from the USA, where she’ll be heading back to soon to make some more music. Laura’s debut EP ‘The Next Act’ was released this weekend, from which she performed tracks, which was made in collaboration with LA producer Greaf. Laura also performed an inspirational poem dedicated to her sister on the topic of body image, to which the audience were very intensely listening to, mesmerised by her performance.


Birmingham 4-piece rock band The Rooz then took to the stage, performing a full out set with their drums, guitars, strong vocals, and even piano. Multi-instrumentalist Louis Coupe, lead singer of the band, particularly showed off his talent with so many instruments as well as an impressive connection with the audience, the ability to get the audience to rock out being a really strong point of the band. There aren’t very many genuinely musical bands in the scene today so the audience were all really pleased to see such talent on stage!


Headliner Luke Carey, who had recently reached no.7 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart, took the audience through a musical journey of acoustic songs with just his voice and guitar, performing song ‘Breathe For You’ – a song from his latest EP ‘Sketches’- without even a mic, some crazy rapping with his ‘The Real Slim Shady’ cover, and also created a party with his loop pedal, the highlight of the night being when he brought members of the audience up to sing with him, a good half an hour of improvisation and jamming taking place on stage, and a couple of very drunk men dancing the night away to Luke’s music too. Although Luke wasn’t able to take full advantage of his loop pedal like usual due to noise complaints from Barry-who-lives-upstairs, even then, Luke was able to create the most enjoyable performance ever, with guests on stage singing songs from the Black Eyed Peas’ ‘Where Is the Love’ to songs as bangin’ as Rebecca Black’s Friday- (thanks Theo!), and Pocketclub’s drummer giving us a bit of Fresh Prince of Bel Air- and of course, Luke’s own original writing impressing the audience a great deal throughout his set.


Luke really encompassed the community vibe that Concentus Music loves, the whole audience engrossed in everything he was performing. Everyone was involved in the whole night, and Concentus Music was so pleased to see such a big turnout on the first event, enjoying the truly genuine music that took to the stage at the Concentus Music Live Launch!


Concentus Music have now entered into a new alliance with The Islington and will be holding monthly gigs, with some more fantastic live music coming at you, so if you missed out on last night, many more to come!