REVIEW: Pocketclub @ Barfly


Camden trio came back home to perform their biggest gig yet at the Barfly, with their one of a kind combination of live indie music with a strong electronic side to it. There was a certain musicality to the band which isn’t seen often, with guitarist Adam Smith also playing the synth keys, and providing a heavy bass line with that throughout, and drummer Keir Adamson adding a massive party vibe to the set with his combination of a classic drum kit yet also a push drum machine. Both instrumentalist contributed backing vocals, and lead vocalist Adem Holness provided the pitch perfect, smooth vocals he does.


Pocketclub played their well-known hits, opening with Alive, which had some of the most ambient electric guitar parts and vocals, as well as the title song of their EP Homesick, and their latest single Temptation. The band also played some older songs such as ‘Lords’ but with a new twist, with a rather more ambient sound than before, as well as introducing the audience to a couple of new songs off the next EP to come.


The band also had a chunk in the middle of a massive mash-up of their “favourite raving tunes,” as Holness introduced it, including Hideaway, My Love, All About That Bass, and more. It was particularly in this part of the set where there was the jamming, improvised feel to it, where drummer Keir’s skills really stood out, particurly in his use of the drum machine. There’s a certain art in covering songs to do so in a way that interests the audience, and Pocketclub captured this really well, performing this wide genre of songs in a way that all audiences could enjoy it.


The band’s chemistry and strong friendship was apparent throughout, from playing songs such as Mary Goes Down, one of the first songs the band wrote together, to little anecdotes about their experiences playing sessions when rather “liquored up”, and their pleasant, talkative, personalities really making the audience take a shine to them.


The Barfly also hosted a few other bands that night, most memorable to me ‘Lonely Painter’- a new jazz/funk band. Their set consisted of a large chunk of jamming and improvisation with their 8-piece band, from vocals to guitars to saxophones – the favourite song being Head In The Sand, and their song Power containing an impressive saxophone solo too. 4-piece band Edit/Select also performed, bringing a more classic indie genre to the stage, as did House of Thieves who opened the night- this band particularly fascinated me due to the electric guitarist’s use of a drumstick on his guitar- something I have honestly never seen before and never expected, creating a really unique sound to their music.


You can watch Pocketclub’s Concentus Music Live Session, where the boys perform their classic hits Alive and Homesick as well as a cheeky cover of OMI’s Cheerleader, and many more, HERE.


To find out more about Pocketclub, and listen to more of their music, visit their website here